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Mobile Spray Tan

     We spray you at your home, office or salon

     Mobile spray tans only use Express Solution which works 2 hours for light glow, 3 hours        for medium and 4 hours for dark.   $35 

Mobile Teeth Whitening    UP to 3 treatments in the same appointment $79.

Our Location /  Salon Boutique 

     Regular solution must be worn at least 8 hours before you rinse.  $25

     Express solution which works 2 hours for light glow, 3 hours for medium and 4 hours for      dark.   $28 


     Make Me Darker solutions give you that darker chocolate bronze colored tan. Wear at           least 8 hours. $35

​     Make Me Darker Express solution with rinse time in 2-4 hours depending on the rich             chocolate color you want. $35

Add On's Available 

     Slimming Serum: Helps to tighten and tone your skin. This serum is added to your                    solution during your spray tan and is absorbed into your skin.    $5.

     Anti Aging Serum: Adds extra moisturizing and works to make wrinkles appear taught            and less noticeable.     $5 


     Drying Dust: This is a special powder that is puffed over your skin to help your body feel          less tacky from the solution. $5

     PH Spray: This will bring your skin to the correct PH level so that you get the deepest                color and helps spray tan look better. $5

     DHA Boost: Do you need an extra boost to go darker than the custom colors we have              available.  Full Boost $5