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Generations Mobile Spray Tan

Mobile Spray Tan - Available at clients home or business


    We only offer the Express solution for our mobile clients 2-4 hour solution. $40


My Location /  Home studio in Surprise 

     Regular solution must be worn at least 8 hours before you rinse.  $30

     Express solution which works 2 hours for light glow, 3 hours for medium and 4 hours for      dark.   $33


      The VIP package includes everything you need for the perfect spray tan experience.
      Package includes:
      Pre-tan ph balancing spray. Makes tan develop better and last longer.
      Spray tan solution of your choice.
      Your choice of Anti Aging or Slimming Serum added to the spray tan solution.
      Drying dust to remove tackiness from the solution and dry the tan better.  $40

Add On's Available 

     Slimming Serum: Helps to tighten and tone your skin. This serum is added to your                    solution during your spray tan and is absorbed into your skin.    $5.

     Anti Aging Serum: Adds extra moisturizing and works to make wrinkles appear taught            and less noticeable.     $5 


     Drying Dust: This is a special powder that is puffed over your skin to help your body feel          less tacky from the solution. $5

     PH Spray: This will bring your skin to the correct PH level so that you get the deepest                color and helps spray tan look better. $5

     DHA Boost: Do you need an extra boost to go darker than the custom colors we have              available.  Full Boost $5