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​​Bronze Fusion Gel                         $16.00    

A lightweight and soothing self-tanning gel with bronze burst micro spheres for effortless instant and lasting color. When the bronze micro spheres burst, it gives the skin a healthy glow that blends (Color Correcting Ingredients) perfectly with your color (Natural brown), while the gel gives you color that will progressively develop and last for days.

Tan Eraser / Exfoliating Mitt                             $5

A reuseable microfiber tan eraser and exfoliating mitt. Perfect for prepping your skin for your spray tan.

Use to remove residual tan by just soaking in a hot tub for about 20 minutes then just firmly wash away the old tan.

Exfoliating Gloves                                   $3.00


Improves the look and feel of your skin. Helps with ingrown hairs and "bumpy" skin.

Prepares your body for your spray tan by exfoliating your top layer of skin.

Body Scrub                                            $16.00

Prepares your skin for your spray tan. Unlike oil and some sugar scrubs this body scrub removes all residue making your skin perfect for your spray tan to last longer and look more amazing and natural.

Body Wash                                               $16.00

Helps keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. Many store bought body washes strip your tan resulting in tan fading unevenly.  Perfect to use with your spray tan.

Tan extending lotion                             $16.00

Daily moisturizer to prevent dry alligator skin. Use on all types and skin tones. The amazing Anti aging solution is added to your tan extender.. Caffeine added to smooth your skins surface. Natural brown color to help you get the longest wear out of your tan. This is the best lotion/moisturizer everyone should have while maintaining a spray tan.